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Systema Plantarum: secundum classes, ordines, gebera, species cum characteribus, differentiis, nominibus, synonymis selectis et locis natalibus

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By Linnaeus, Carl

Publisher: apud Varrentrapp filium et Wenner

Publication place: Francofurti [ad] Moenum [Frankfurt am Main]

Publication date: 1779–80

Note: 4 vols. This was an edition by Johann Jacob Reichard of Linnaeus's Species Plantarum (1753). On Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander's decision to replace their copy of the 1762–3 edition of Species Plantarum with Reichard's edition, see Edwin D. Rose, 'From the South Seas to Soho Square: Joseph Banks's Library, Collection and Kingdom of Natural History', here [external link] [accessed 7 October 2019], esp. 11.

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