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'Outlines of the Globe': X–XII [Africa]

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By Pennant, Thomas

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Publication date: c.1792

Note: Pennant's work on Africa was part of his 'Outlines of the Globe', and already taking shape in 1788. For descriptions of the volumes on Africa involved, see HPWaH, pp. 319–20: Vol. X: 'Northern Africa, from the mouths of the Nile, along the Mediterranean coast of Africa, through the Streights of Gibraltar, and from thence to the river of Senegal; with an account of the Madeira, the Canary Islands, and those of Cape Verd'; Vol. XI: 'Nigratian Africa, from the river Senegal to Cape Negro; with an account of Prince's Isle, Isle of St. Thomas, Isle of Ascension, and that of St. Helena'; Vol. XII: 'From Cape Negro to the Cape of Good Hope, from thence to the mouth of the Red Sea, and the African coast of the Red Sea, as far as the Isthmus of Suez; with an account of Madagascar, Isle of Bourbon or Mascarenbas, Isle of France of Mauritius, Isle of Rodrigues, Isles of Comoro, Joanna, the Twelve Isles, and Amirantes Isles or Sechelles'. See also Evans, 'The life and work of Thomas Pennant', pp. 632–7; Royal Museums Greenwich: Collections, at [accessed 4 September 2018].

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