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Outlines of the Globe: XIV, XV [India]

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By Pennant, Thomas

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Note: India is treated in vols. XIV–XV of 'Outlines of the Globe'. See the descriptions in HPWaH, pp. 320–1: Vol. XIV: From the mouth of the Indus to the Panjah, and Cashmere. From the mouth of the Indus, along the western coast of Indostan, to Cape Comorin. Island of Ceylon, and the Laccadive and Maldive Islands. Vol. XV: The Eastern Coast of Hindoostan, to the mouth of the Ganges. From the mouth of the Ganges to its origin with its contributory rivers. The origin of the Sampoo or Burrampooter river, to its junction with the Ganges, near the fall of the latter into the Gulph of Bengal. For a further discussion, see Evans, 'The life and work of Thomas Pennant', pp. 639–43; and for the published versions, The view of Hindoostan. Vol. I. Western Hindoostan; The View of Hindoostan. Vol. II. Eastern Hindoostan (London: Henry Hughs, 1798).

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