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A voyage to St. Kilda, the remotest of all the Hebrides. Or, Western Isles of Scotland. : Giving an account of the very remarkable inhabitants of that place; their beauty and singular chastity; (fornication and adultery being unknown among them) their genius for poetry, musick, dancing; their surprising dexterity in climbing the rocks and walls of houses; diversions, habit, food, language, diseases and methods of cure; their extensive charity; their contempt of gold and silver as below the dignity of human nature; their religious ceremonies, notion of spirits and visions, &c, &c. To which is added, an account of Roderick, the late imposter there, pretending to be sent by St. John Baptist, with new revelations and discoveries; his diabolical inventions, attempts upon the women, &c.

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By Martin, Martin

Publisher: Printed for R. Griffith, at the Dunciad, in Ludgate street

Publication place: London

Publication date: 1698 (rev. 1749)

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