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The history of the province of Moray: Extending, from the mouth of the River Spey, to the Borders of Lochaber in Length; and from the Moray-Frith, to the Grampian Hills in Breadth: And, Including a part of the Shire of Banff to the East; The whole Shires of Moray and Nairn; and the greates part of the Shire of Inverness. ---- All which was Anciently called The Province of Moray, before there was a Division into Counties.

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By Shaw, Lachlan

Publisher: William Auld, Edinburgh; John Donaldson, London

Publication place: Edinburgh; London

Publication date: 1775

Note: Pennant seems to have had access to Shaw's MS prior to its publication in 1775, and to have incorporated material into his 1769 Tour.

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