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Indian Zoology

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By Pennant, Thomas

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Publication place: London

Publication date: 1769

Note: English and French, 12 coloured plates, with descriptive letterpress. The 'Advertisement' describes this as a collaborative project, in which Pennant took on the work of providing the descriptive text, and the cost of engraving and publishing the plates was shared between him, Joseph Banks and John Gideon Loten. References in Pennant's correspondence with Richard Bull suggest that he was working on an introduction to *Indian zoology* during 1786, but when a second edition appeared in 1791, Pennant again described it as a collaborative work (since he had 'myself abjured all future publications'), the main addition to the first edition resting on a translation from the German and Latin of a 1781 edition by Johann Reinhold Forster. The work on Indian zoology carried out from 1786 was incorporated in The view of Hindoostan. Vol. I. Western Hindoostan (1798). See Evans, 'The life and work of Thomas Pennant', p. 162; and for the 2nd edn., Indian Zoology (1790 [1791]).

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