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'Introduction of the Arctic World'

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By Pennant, Thomas

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Publication place: London

Publication date: 1784

Note: This was published in Arctic Zoology. Vol. I. Introduction. Class I. Quadrupeds (1784), pp. I–CCV. Pennant's extra-illustration of the 'Introduction' expanded to four volumes of his 'Outlines of the Globe', preserved at NMM. See further HPWaH, p. 319; and Evans, 'The life and work of Thomas Pennant', pp. 622–7, which gives a description of the contents of vols. I to IV of this deposit, describing them at p. 626 as an 'enlarged version of the first half of the introduction of [Pennant's] Arctic Zoology' and noting that the second half, which should have taken up vol. V, was never completed. Richard Bull apparently extra-illustrated a large paper copy of this work. See 1122.

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