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Arctic zoology (2nd edn.)

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By Pennant, Thomas

Publisher: printed by Robert Faulder

Publication place: London

Publication date: 1792

Note: 3 vols.: Vol. I: Introduction to the Arctic zoology, Vol. II: Arctic zoology. Vol. I. Class I. Quadrupeds. II. Birds, Vol. III: Arctic zoology. Vol. II. Class II. Birds. III. Reptiles. IV. Fish. V. Insects. Note, however, that the second edition is often referred to in the Pennant-Bull correspondence and in bibliographic records as a two-volume work, discarding the Introduction to the Arctic zoology, and numbering the subsequent two volumes as I and II. This convention has been followed in the current edition, too. On Bull's large paper copy of the second edition, see Evans, 'Richard Bull and Thomas Pennant', 281–2.

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