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The British Zoology. Class I. Quadrupeds. II. Birds. Published under the Inspection of the Cymmrodorion Society, Instituted for the Promoting Useful Charities, and the Knowledge of Nature, among the Descendants of the Ancient Britons. Illustrated with One Hundred and Seven Copper Plates.

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By Pennant, Thomas

Publisher: Cymmrodorion Society

Publication place: London

Publication date: 1766

Note: 1st edition, Also referred to as the 'great’ edition or book. (London: Printed by J. and J. March, on Tower-Hill, for the Society: And Sold for the Benefit of the British Charity-School on Clerkenwell Green. M,DCC,LXVI. [1766]). 1 v : 107 plates ; fol.. Note that some versions published by March 'under the Inspection of the Cymmrodorion', are dated 1765.

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