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Davies Shipley, William

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Notes: William Davies Shipley (1745–1826), son of Dr Jonathan Shipley, Bishop of St Asaph, was appointed Dean of the cathedral of St Asaph in 1774. Through his marriage to the daughter and heiress of Ellis Yonge, Bryn Yorkin, near Wrexham, his family became one of the wealthiest in north Wales. In December 1784 he was tried for seditious libel after publishing an edition of a reformist pamphlet by Sir William Jones but, following a hearing and a trial at Wrexham and Shrewsbury, was exonerated at the King's Bench in December. He arrived home to a rapturous welcome from the people of north-east Wales, but was viewed with suspicion by Government sympathisers, including Pennant, thereafter. ODNB; Michael J. Franklin, ‘Sir William Jones, the Celtic Revival and the Oriental Renaissance’, in Gerard Carruthers and Alan Rawes (eds.), English Romanticism and the Celtic World (Cambridge, 2003), pp. 20–37; A. Cynfael Lake, ‘Rhai Ystyriaethau Pellach Ynghylch Awduraeth Yr Anterliwt Goll’, NLWJ, XXVII, no. 3 (1992), 337–49.

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