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Holbein, Hans, the younger


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Notes: Hans Holbein, the younger (1497/8–1543), artist, was born in southern Germany but had moved to Basel in Switzerland by 1515. Here, he was appointed town painter, and worked on wall paintings, notable for their representation of moving figures, as well as designs for Basel's printers, including his seriesDance of Death (1520s; published in the 1530s). He spent two periods in England, between 1526 and 1528, and again from 1531/2 to 1543, working on his second visit as painter to Henry VIII and for other patrons, including German Hanseatic merchants resident in London. The Hanseatic community commissioned two large canvas works from Holbein, The Triumph of Riches and The Triumph of Poverty, which are preserved only through seventeenth-century copies by Lucas Vorsterman. ODNB.

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